How to dress like a Hindu

The dress code in India is strictly enforced, but there are plenty of options for those who want to go outside.

Here’s how to dress as a Hindu in India.


Take a traditional headscarf An ashram in New Delhi, India.

This is the traditional head scarf that most Hindu women wear.

This is a popular style for Hindu women who are looking for a more conservative look.


Wear a long sleeved shirt Most women wear a long-sleeved shirt, which is the main garment for most Hindu men.

You can find a long scarf in most stores in India, but if you want to look more religious, you can buy a full length coat.


Go out on a Sunday to pray with your family A woman walks past a shrine in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, India, in this January 20, 2017 file photo.

Hindu men traditionally dress in traditional garb, but modern trends in India have led to a growing number of women who choose to wear casual clothing, including T-shirts, jeans and sweaters.


Go for a swim A Hindu woman walks in a street in New Dehli, India in this December 20, 2015 file photo.(Reuters/Prakash Javadekar) 5.

Take part in an outdoor dance Many Hindu men in India wear traditional headgear to cover up the fact that they are not religious.

In the last few years, the trend has grown to include long sleeves, long skirts and even pants to wear to festivals.

This trend is often followed by a long coat to cover the head.


Get a haircut The head scarf is a must-have for Hindu men who want a more casual look.

If you want a traditional haircut, look for a hairstyle that matches the head of the Hindu god Shiva.


Go on a shopping spree Hindu women who want an offbeat look can take a trip to India.

The country is known for its fashion and fashion-forward culture.

While some stores in the city of Ahmedabad will have traditional products, there are also online retailers like Amazon and Amazon India that sell traditional Indian products.


Go camping with your friends If you’re interested in going camping with friends, you might want to consider taking a trip out to a remote area.

Indian people travel for more than three months out of the year to get enough fresh air and sunshine to stay active and happy.

The Hindu gods, on the other hand, prefer a peaceful environment.

There are also many places where you can go on a picnic with your loved ones and other family members.

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