New York to cut $50M from water program to help combat algae

NEW YORK — The New York City Department of Water and Sewerage is asking residents in more than 100 communities to cut their water use by 10 percent in a bid to combat the growth of algae blooms in the city’s rivers and reservoirs.

The department is offering the rebates in conjunction with a $50 million pledge from the New York State Water Resources Control Board, according to a press release.

A total of 12 cities are participating, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Queens and Staten Island.

For the first time, New York is offering rebates to the public on residential water bills for households with at least one person.

Residents can also receive rebates of up to $10 per month on residential and commercial bills for a total of $50 per year, according the city.

“We’re really committed to making sure the public gets a real sense of what’s going on,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

“We know that there are people in this city who have no water and are getting no water.

It’s a real problem.

It needs to be addressed.”

Residents who sign up for rebates can receive up to six months of free water in their water accounts, or up to one year of free unlimited water.

New York’s rebates apply to households and businesses, and include a 30 percent discount for new customers.

Residents can apply online or by calling 616-939-2626.

To qualify, residents must meet the following requirements:Water usage is less than 1,000 gallons per day or the average daily consumption for the previous two weeks.

The household or business pays no water usage.

Residents are required to maintain at least 2,500 gallons per month of the water supply in their homes or businesses.

Residents are also required to keep a supply of bottled water in the home or business.

If residents do not meet the above requirements, they must provide a copy of the Water Supply Master Plan to the city water utility and the Water Department.

The city water company will then determine if the water utility is eligible to receive rebate payments and will then take steps to apply for rebate funding.

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