How to get rid of a bob’s bedding

Here’s how to get the most out of your bob’s mattress.

We know the feeling of having to turn the bed around and turn it again, but we’re also keen to be able to turn it back to its original shape.

This isn’t something you’ll find on the shelf, but it’s something you need to do yourself.

So, let’s explore how to make your bed look as nice as it can be. 1.

Put a piece of fabric in your bed 1.

Use a towel to spread out your bedding.


Cut the fabric into the shape of your favourite shape.


Use your favourite glue to glue the fabric onto the mattress.


Wrap the mattress around the fabric and the bedding and turn the mattress inside out.


Repeat the process for all the different shapes of bedding you’ve used to create your bed.


Cut a section of fabric from the middle of the bed, then use a flat knife to cut the section into a bed frame.


Glue the two sections together with a glue stick.


You’re done!

Now you can get the whole bed ready for a new life.

8 of 10 The bed is now complete, but you don’t need to tear it apart.

If you want to keep your old bedding, you can simply hang it on the wall, or simply put it in the shed.

Here’s what the finished bed looks like.


The rest of your bed is finished up with the mattress in place.

The final step is to put a new piece of bed into the bed frame, which will help to prevent the mattress from being scratched.


Now it’s time to decorate the bed.

It’s a good idea to get your own favourite decorations, as they’ll make a big difference.

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