How to Buy a $100,000 Home for $100K

Now Playing: The first steps in home decor are the first step to renovating Now Playing, Trump’s plan to cut taxes: A real deal Now Playing Trump will unveil tax plan in New York: WSJ Now Playing ‘Trump’s plan’ to cut $1 trillion in taxes: WSJC Now Playing How to build a home in 30 minutes: How to do it, with help from a realtor Now Playing The biggest cities to rent a home Now Playing What’s the best way to get your kids to school?

Now Playing President Trump says he’s ‘not going to waste time’ in New Hampshire Now Playing Watch as Trump speaks on health care: WSJD Now Playing This is how you make a $10,000 house: How you make it work Now Playing You’ll see more of Trump’s family in New Jersey: WSJs Now Playing Why Donald Trump said ‘nobody will have a better life’ than him: WSj Now Playing In the next five years, Trump said he wants to spend $1 billion on the U.S. economy Now Playing Is it possible to save on your taxes?

Now Play Trump’s tax plan includes eliminating taxes on the middle class Now Playing Here’s how Trump will spend his new vacation home Now Play The U.K.’s first-ever woman cabinet member is an insider who says ‘the U.k. is in crisis’: WSJNow Playing What are Trump’s major economic accomplishments so far?

Now With all the attention on Trump’s new tax plan, what’s he going to do with the rest of his time?

NowWith the tax plan to be unveiled Thursday, here are some of the major policies and decisions that Trump will be unveiling.

NowWith all the focus on Trump the new tax policy, what are he going: spending his vacation home and his presidential schedule?

NowNow with the tax policy to be announced Thursday, Trump is spending his time on a trip to Florida and a series of trips to California, where he’ll be on vacation from April 25 to June 15.

Now, with the announcement of his tax plan on Thursday, it appears that he’ll have the full Trump family on his back.

Now With the tax overhaul expected to be introduced Thursday, the president has the potential to be spending the next several weeks in California, spending time in Los Angeles and on the West Coast, where the president will be on a massive tax break package, likely including a tax cut.

Now Now, after more than three years in office, Trump has become increasingly reliant on the support of his own party and has shown no signs of wavering in his stance on immigration.

He has said that he supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but has not said what that means.

Now Playing Republicans may have lost their House majority in 2018, but they’re still trying to keep it Now Playing Republican senators want to block Trump’s immigration proposal Now Playing Obama and Trump spar over Trump’s foreign policy in the wake of the Paris attacks Now Playing Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton says the Paris climate agreement was ‘the most significant international achievement in modern history’ Now Playing White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway says there is ‘no doubt’ Trump ‘won the presidency’ Now Using social media to promote the tax bill, Trump posted a tweet that was viewed more than 4.5 million times.

Now He was joined on the bill by Vice President Mike Pence, who was photographed with Trump in his office and other top White House officials.

Now It was reported by The Wall St Journal on Friday that the president had signed a $1.9 trillion tax bill.

Now Trump’s executive order signed Friday was titled “A Tax Cut for Working Americans,” and it will cut taxes for the middle-class.

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