Hank’s Fine furniture

Hank’s fine, furniture,garden,home decor,wooden article Hank and his wife Ruth were in their 70s when they bought their first home, a home they called “a home of the rich and famous”.

They loved to paint and had a large garden.

In addition to gardening, the couple built a home with a fireplace.

In 1885 they built a house on their family’s farm near Fairbanks, Alaska.

They later sold the home, and in 1887, when the couple moved to Anchorage, they built their own house on a piece of land they purchased from a lumber yard.

They lived there for the next nine years, until their deaths in 1918.

The couple’s home became known as “the Hank’s house”, and it was known as a family home.

In 1922 the house was sold for $1,600,000.

Hank’s family would later donate the home to the Fairbanks Museum of History and Art.

The house is still owned by the Fairbank Museum.

article Home furnishings,wood,house,harry,tombstone,gift source Google Search (Canada): title Home furnishers article Home furnings, furniture sale,carpet,teddy bear,gifts source Google Books (Canada)/Amazon.ca (US) title Teddy Bear Gift article Teddy Bear gift, furniture source Alaskan Museum of Historic Preservation article Hank, a local businessman, was a prolific builder, with lots of projects, including one that would turn out to be his last.

The home he built on the farm, “a house of the wealthy and famous”, was his last home.

His wife Ruth was the owner of the home when he died.

The rest of the family bought the home in 1920, after he passed away.

They built it on a patch of land that they bought from a wood yard.

At the time, the Fairborland National Forest had not been opened to the public and the land was so remote that it was only accessible by a horse-drawn wagon.

The family had a horse, and it would walk up and down the property to collect snow and water from the stream.

The whole place was built of oak, as the house is now.

It is still in good condition, and a few pieces of furniture are in the home.

The furniture is still used today.

Hank is buried at the Fairmont Cemetery in Fairbanks.

Hank and Ruth were buried at Fairmont cemetery.

article Furniture sale source Alaska Native Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (NAMAA) title Furniture sales article Furnishings sold in Alaska Native Museum, Inc., Alaskas Landmark, Alaska, 2006, online catalog article Furnishing items,curtains,toys,house article Furnished items, furniture sold,house source Google Catalog (Canada), (US), Alaskans Landmark Collection (Alaska)

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