How to make a perfect coffee table

This coffee table is built from a pair of circular aluminum blocks, which are held together by two rectangular steel rods.

The blocks are then sandwiched together and attached to a wooden frame by screws.

To make this work, I found that the blocks needed to be cut down and then sanded down to make them smaller and stronger.

Once sanded, they were cut into triangles and glued together, giving the table its name.

This is not only a perfect project, but a very cheap one.

I found this design on a local store and had to make it at home.

I used a cheap metal jigsaw to cut the blocks, but it’s worth using a tool like a Dremel or Dremeling Machine if you can afford it.

The plan is to cut all the blocks and assemble the table.

You’ll need: 1.

a circular block (about 8 inches in diameter) 2.

1-1/4-inch thick (6.5 mm) screws 3.

an angle grinder (or the equivalent in your area) 4.

1/4 inch (1.8 mm) drill bit 5.

sandpaper 6.

screws 7.

glue 8.

a drill press 9.

paper clips 10.

glue stick, or a similar product to hold the blocks together.

I also used a wire cutter to cut out the pieces that were needed.

Here’s how to assemble this table.


Place the circular block on top of the other blocks.


Cut out the four rectangular rods, one for each corner.


Using the 1-inch drill bit, drill a hole through the center of each rod.


Drill a hole at the other end of each corner rod, about 1 inch (2.4 mm) below the bottom of the corner.


Drill another hole through one of the top rods.


Repeat steps 3-5 until you have a 1-in (4.8 cm) deep hole in the center.


Next, attach the 1.5-inch-wide (7.8-cm) screws to the top and bottom rods.

Use your drill to drill through the top rod until you get a small hole.


Drill the hole with the drill press until the entire hole is drilled.


With the 3-in-1 drill bit and sandpaper, make a smooth, circular groove on the top of each block.

You may need to cut some of the surface out of the block before you attach the screws.


Attach the screws to each corner and then attach the rods to the corners.

I like to drill each corner first, to make sure I have a smooth surface before I attach the other rods.

I don’t need to glue the rods together.


Make sure you drill each rod at the same time to avoid the rods bending in the process.


Now it’s time to glue everything together.

Use glue stick or a glue stick to attach the top- and bottom- rods to each other and the blocks.

You can also use an air compressor if you have one.

Here is the finished product.

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