‘We’re going to have to clean up’: New Zealanders react to Ebola outbreak

New Zealand has seen a dramatic spike in infections since the start of the pandemic, with some estimates placing the figure as high as 10,000.

But New Zealand’s government has also faced criticism for its response to the pandemics.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her government was “not ready” to accept the blame for the pandepics rise.

“We’re not ready to accept that responsibility,” she told Parliament on Wednesday.

“But if we have to accept some responsibility, we’re prepared to do it.”

Ardern is under pressure from her Liberal Party allies in the legislature to rein in the spending on new healthcare systems and other infrastructure.

The government has been under pressure to act on its commitment to introduce a $100 million investment fund for infrastructure to help deal with the spread of the virus.

Its plans for a $1.6 billion fund were revealed as it launched a national strategy to fight the pandemia, after a major health summit in Wellington.

Arderns announcement came after an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the situation in the country and an attempt to secure a deal to tackle the pandems surge in infections.

The government said it would seek an additional $200 million in government funding to help fund new healthcare and social services for those who have contracted the virus, while it would also provide $250 million for the prevention and control of the disease.

The Government said it had also secured $2.4 billion for the National Emergency Operations Centre and $5.3 billion for a New Zealand Air Ambulance, and was also seeking $5 billion in funding for the emergency operations centre.

Arders spokesman Grant Cook said the government would seek a commitment from the country’s pharmaceutical industry to support the new vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus.

“We will continue to do our part in supporting the NZI and other global partners in their response to this crisis,” he said.

“This Government is prepared to support all of these partners in providing additional resources and support to help New Zealand stay on track for the long-term recovery of New Zealand.”

Arderne said she was also looking to the private sector for help.

“I know that there are those who are asking for assistance, that we’re not getting it and I am looking to find a way to get it for them,” she said.

New Zealand has already received more than $9 million in emergency aid from the US government to fight its pandemic.

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