The best things in football – Giorgio Armani

Italian fashion houses Giorgi Armanis and Hudson have announced a collaboration to launch an exclusive line of items inspired by Italian football legend Gianfranco Zola, with the collection being launched this summer.

Zola is best known for winning the Concacaf Champions League with Juventus in 1995.

The collaboration is to be launched in the first half of 2018 with the first pieces to be sold on the ArmanIis online store, priced from €299.99.

The collection is being marketed to a range of customers including collectors, collectors’ groups and football fans.

It is being made in collaboration with Armanias company, the same one behind the classic line of Giorgios suits, and will also be available in Italy.

The designer has long been linked to the iconic Italian football club, and has designed the Giuseppe Meazza’s jersey for the team.

“We’re very happy to be collaborating with Giori, he’s an iconic Italian figure and one who I’m very proud to design a jersey for,” said Giuliano Giannini, the creative director of Hudson, the Italian-based designer of the collection.

“It’s an extremely exciting project for me and for Gior, as he is a pioneer of Italian design and fashion.”

“We created this collection to bring together iconic Italian designers and to show them their own brand,” Gianninis added.

“The Giuseppini family, as well as Giusepini himself, are the founders of the brand.

It’s important for me to have the opportunity to work with them and the whole family, and to celebrate their legacy and their creativity.”

The Giuco Meazas jersey will be released on the online store in the autumn, and is expected to hit the UK market in early 2018.

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