When Your House Looks Like This: This Ikea Home Is Still the Best in America

When your house looks like this, you’re still living the dream, right?

When you get your house remodeled, your family’s home will look just as good.

But if you want to live in the American dream, the best place to live is in a house you actually own, writes Jennifer Baker in The New York Times.

In fact, it’s the ideal home, according to the home-equity expert, because it’s affordable, the home’s energy efficient, and you can build it yourself.

This home has everything a homeowner should be looking for, including an array of energy-efficient appliances, a large outdoor pool, and a big backyard.

It’s got plenty of room for all your family, including two kids.

The interior design is classic, with a simple yet stylish look.

The kitchen is big and functional, with all the appliances and gadgets you’d expect to see in a modern kitchen.

The bedrooms are spacious, and the master suite has a full-length living room.

The dining room has a large open-plan dining table, and there’s plenty of space for the family to watch TV.

It has a huge deck, so you can relax on a gorgeous beach.

And there’s a fireplace that’s perfect for entertaining.

This is the perfect place to start when you’re considering whether or not you want a home remodeling job, writes Baker.

“When your house is a bit more humble, and it’s not just about a lot of shiny appliances and lots of new stuff, it can be more about a little bit of decorum and a little less flashy.”

If you’re ready to move out of your basement and into the American Dream, you should definitely consider this Ikea home for its style and price.

It also has an array to choose from that includes a large deck, two private pools, a fireplace, and plenty of extra space.

Here’s what you need to know about this Ikeas house.

Size: 6,800 square feet (or 1,100 square meters) Source Newsweek article This Ikeas home is a big home with a lot to offer.

It is a lot smaller than some of the other houses we’ve listed here, and that’s intentional.

It takes up a lot less space in its own home, making it a bit smaller in size than some other homes we’ve considered.

It can be a little harder to move into than some others we’ve reviewed here, but it’s also a little more affordable.

You can find it for $1,000 or more if you’re willing to wait for the renovations.

This Ikeaks house has an open-air kitchen, but you can also make it look more traditional by adding an outdoor deck, and adding an art gallery to the kitchen.

This has plenty of natural light to see through the windows, which makes it easy to relax.

You also have plenty of privacy in the living room, where there’s enough room for two kids to watch tv without breaking the bank.

It even has a big patio for people to gather.

The living room is huge, with plenty of seating.

It includes a lot more room than you might be used to with an Ikea kitchen, and an outdoor pool makes it a great spot for kids to play.

The main dining room features a huge open-top table, as well as a full kitchen.

It comes with a full size fridge and microwave, as does the second bedroom, which has a walk-in closet for storage.

The master suite includes two full-size bedrooms, plus a large sitting room and a large, open-concept dining room.

You get to enjoy all of these amenities while still living in your own home.

The roof has lots of room to stretch out.

This house also comes with plenty more storage space, as there’s also space for a large garage, a garage door, and more.

You have plenty more room to make a home with this Ikeaks home.

It just takes some work.

Here are the main things you need before you get to the renovation.

It will take some time to get the remodeled home built.

The Ikea remodel process will take a lot longer than most homeowners would like, and many are surprised at how much time and effort it takes.

You may also need to spend more than you’d like.

Some of the remodel parts will cost a lot, while others will be out of reach.

So be prepared for some extra work and extra bills if you have an Ikeas remodel job.

This article originally appeared on The New Yorker.

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