How to find a house for sale in Washington

From an exterior view, the new building at 1 Westlake St. and Pennsylvania Avenue NW looks like an old-fashioned red-brick home.

But it’s actually a modern one.

Built in 2017, the project by developers Gensler and Associates is the first of its kind in Washington and is a $3 billion redevelopment of an aging building.

The new Genslers home is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The exterior is the result of a long-term design project by the developers, led by Richard Buell, who also designed the Washington Monument.

It features a two-story building that will be divided into two stories, with one floor for tenants and the other for residents.

In addition, the front entrance will have a separate entrance for people who use the front.

The building is set to open by 2019.

Inside, the main floor will be used for offices and retail.

The upstairs part of the building will be filled with retail spaces for residents and offices for businesses.

Gensner says the home will offer the same level of living space as the current two-bedroom apartment in the building, but will also offer more amenities.

The architects say the new Gersler will have more living space than the existing home, and will offer more spacious living areas, open floor plans and wider, more open living areas than the previous home.

The designers say it will also be more open, and offer the opportunity to be more physically active.

The home will feature a fitness center, a library, and a gymnasium for gym members.

The kitchen is planned to have a larger space than what is currently offered in the existing kitchen, with more natural light, and more privacy.

The house is expected in the D.C. area by 2021, but some interior features like the bathroom and master suite will not be finished until after that.

The design firm is currently developing a new master suite for the house, which is expected later this year.

Gersner says it is committed to maintaining the same standards of design and construction for the new home that it had for the old home.

Grosvenor says he is thrilled to see the project get underway and is confident it will bring an economic boost to the area.

“The new home is a great example of how Washingtonians can make our cities livable and create jobs for our residents, both in our city and beyond,” he said in a statement.

“This project is an opportunity for Washingtonians to take advantage of the opportunity of economic development that comes with living in the nation’s capital, and we are excited to be helping to make it a reality.”

For more about the renovation, visit the Gensners website.

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