FourFourFive is not dead

Two-time UK Vogue Best Of winners The New York Times and GQ have announced that they will no longer be publishing Vogue, the publication that was once considered a beacon of fashion, glamour and sophistication in the UK.

The move follows an avalanche of negative press over the past year, including the publication of a report by the US-based Center for Public Integrity that claimed Vogue had been “crippled by sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination”.

The publication was then forced to apologise for the article after an internal review.

The New Yorker has also since removed its article, and its website has been shuttered.

Vogue has been a hugely popular publication, with its UK readership estimated at nearly a billion.

The magazine was founded by Anna Wintour, a British fashion icon, in 1966.

The name was changed to FourFourThree in 1995, to reflect its growing digital footprint.

In December 2015, Wintours sons were forced to resign after being charged with conspiracy and fraud.

FourFourThirds will remain open for regular editorial updates, but it will no be a replacement for Vogue.

Its new owners are the fashion house GQ.

V&C UK said in a statement: “GQ’s decision to terminate our partnership with FourFourFour is an historic and unprecedented decision.

We will continue to focus on our core business of bringing our readers the most relevant and innovative fashion content and content that is affordable and accessible to them.”

In a statement, FourFourOne said: “We were not only an integral part of the fashion industry for decades, but also one of the most respected and respected brands in the world.

We are extremely proud of our history and our success, and our desire to continue to be an independent and responsible publisher will continue.”

It added that V&amps “strategic partnership” with GQ would “continue as usual”.

Read more about FourFourAndThree: V&aps biggest brands and the future of the magazine, including how it got into the V&ap game, the changing role of men in fashion and more.

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