How to keep the home a treasure trove of treasures

LEVIN, Mich.

— A new study from The National Consumer Law Center found that Americans have become increasingly worried about how to preserve their homes.

The study was released Friday, the eve of a National Homeownership Month.

The report found that 57 percent of consumers believe that the value of their home should be the same regardless of how much money they earn or how much they save.

But only 39 percent said their homes should be worth more than their income.

This finding, along with a number of other findings, suggests that Americans are getting used to a loss of control over their homes and financial lives.

“This is an area where we have to have a conversation, because people don’t have control over the values of their homes,” said Jennifer A. Cramer, the report’s author.

“We need to recognize that they don’t always get the message that they are getting.”

The National Consumer Lobbying Project, a nonprofit group that advocates for the interests of consumers, conducted a survey in the spring of 2015.

It found that about 20 percent of respondents said they had purchased a home with the intention of selling or exchanging it.

The average value of the homes they own is about $100,000, the study found.

The report found a correlation between home ownership and how much people are saving for retirement.

About half of those who said they planned to retire say they would invest money in retirement savings.

Only 8 percent said they would save money to buy a home.

“When people get into homes, they see a lot of debt and a lot more interest,” said Paul Zaremba, a senior vice president at the National Consumer League, an advocacy group.

“And if they get into houses, they’re going to have to take on more debt than they’ve ever taken on in their life.

So that means they’re just not going to be able to save.”

Many people are making more money than they can spend, and it’s not possible for people to keep up with mortgage payments.

And when the value they are saving in their retirement accounts diminishes, they may not be able afford to buy their home.

Zarembi said that the real estate industry has been a big culprit in the housing crisis.

“It’s the biggest driver of the crisis in this country,” he said.

“It’s driven the entire mortgage industry, the housing sector, and the entire banking sector.”

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